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We provide both commercial and residential vinyl flooring. Our resilient flooring options include Roll and Sheet Vinyl Flooring, . Linoleum and Sheet vinyl flooring are still a very common option for kitchen, bathroom and other areas with a high risk of water spill. Sheet vinyl can be installed in one single piece or two pieces which basically eliminates the possibility for water to seep through and damage the subfloor as there are either no or few seams.


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Linoleum, same as a Sheet vinyl, is a more affordable option comparing to vinyl planks due to a simpler production process, but repair services for sheet vinyl flooring are quite limited in case of a physical damage of the floor.

We deliver only the best linoleum flooring. Ours is made from natural materials of which over 97% of it is renewable. And over 43% of it is from recycled materials. This goes to prove how eco-friendly the linoleum product is.


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If you want your home or office space to have the look of hardwood and do not want to pay the price, then sheet vinyl flooring is something you may want to consider. It doesn’t matter if you’re upgrading an existing home or building a new one, sheet vinyl flooring is not only an affordable vinyl flooring option, it is also a viable one. It is durable and provides nice textures, patterns, and colors, as well as different styles from which you can choose from. Usually comes with 12 feet wide sheets


Linoleum is a natural winner. Our linoleum is made from nature, which combines durability with quality, sustainability, and innovative design. Linoleum is made of natural raw materials and is the most durable vinyl flooring options.. Enjoy the luxury of having hundreds of colors to pick from and over 12 several structural designs available in tiles and sheet formats.

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Linoleum, which is also called Lino, is a flooring material which is made from natural materials like the solidified linseed oil, ground cork dust, pine resin, and wood flour including mineral fillers like calcium carbonate, most often on a canvas or burlap support.

So far, it is currently growing in popularity because of its durability and eco-friendly nature. Modern production methods are used to produce linoleum flooring in a variety of colors and styles, which makes it an attractive and colorful option for professionals and even some amateur designers.

Linoleum is a soft and resilient flooring material. That is, when walked upon, it compresses and bounces back. This gives it somewhat of a cushioning effect, similar to vinyl planks bouncy feel.

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